These kittens are now all in their new homes. They were all brown: 2 Burmese pattern, 2 Tonkinese pattern and 1 Siamese pattern. In case you are confused by the number of 'mothers' in these pictures, the mother is the brown cat (and four of the kittens will look very much like her when their colour comes in) and the others are aunties (or sometimes uncles).I work at the computer all day, so the computer for me is work, not play: this means that I avoid the horrible machine as much as possible when I'm not working. I live alone, so all the housework, gardening, shopping, and other usual business of running a house (paying bills, organising mortgage transfer, getting car serviced etc.) has to be done by me. I'm also involved in things outside the house like choirs and other stuff, and it is years since I even had time to sit down in front of the television. Any spare moment is spent enjoying my cats, and making sure my kittens are well loved and properly handled so that they're friendly and well-adjusted. I hope you'll understand that this leaves very little time for updating my website or downloading pictures from a camera and emailing them out. I do what I can with my website, but ultimately it's the real world where I (and the cats) live, and that's where my attention is mostly concentrated.