This was the first daily kitten diary ever to appear on the web, it started in February 2000, and was an instant (and surprising!) hit all over the world, as people came to the site every day to see what had happened in the last 24 hours. In fact it was probably the first 'blog', an activity that is now extremely widespread, and certainly not limited to cat breeding! There was so much demand for a second diary that I did it again for my Siamese litters born in 2002, but the effort of keeping them up day by day as well as looking after the kittens and cats and attempting to lead some semblance of a normal life was too much, so that was my last diary.

Although they are well over a decade old, I haven't taken the diaries down. The surprises of the daily updates are no longer there, but many people stumble on the diaries and love to read them since usually they get their kitten at 13-14 weeks old, and know very little of what they got up to before they went to their new home.

For novice breeders too this has proved a useful source of information, and a way to judge whether their litter is progressing as it should be.

There have been a number of other daily diaries (or not quite so frequent diaries) on the web, and nowadays there are blogs which serve a similar function (they weren't invented until about 2010). However these are still the original diaries, and I hope you enjoy them.