Marmite had six lovely kittens on 20 July 2012. Sadly we lost one to problems associated with slight prematurity, but the other five did exceptionally well, reaching weights well above average for their age. Marmite clearly has double cream in place of milk! There were four boys (brown mink, brown pointed pattern and blue mink) and one girl (blue solid pattern). Their portraits, taken at just under 4 weeks of age, are on this page. There is a photo album for them in the sub-page.

Tango was just as concerned to look after them as her mother, Marmite, so if you're confused with the adults in the photo album Tango has stripes, and Marmite is brown. The pictures may be a little fuzzy as I try mostly to work without a flash. Apologies for the lack of pictures, but I was up to my neck in cats and kittens as I was also hand-rearing a litter of Siamese for another breeder, and rarely get a chance to come up for air!