Health and General Care Policies

My main concern in caring for my cats is that they are never put at risk because of their dependence on me for their food and general care.

I try to feed them the best possible diet, using natural foods without additives or unnecessary chemicals, particularly avoiding chemical preservatives. Whenever I can persuade the cats to eat it I feed raw minced rabbit or chicken with the bone ground in, as this is a diet that gives me huge kittens, healthy and glossy mothers (even when feeding large litters of kittens), and very little poo or smell! Try it and see the difference for yourself.

I use a range of natural remedies (herbal and homeopathic) for minor ailments and chronic conditions so that if an antibiotic becomes necessary it can be as effective as it should be.

I aim to breed only healthy and long-lived cats. I will never sacrifice the health of my breeds in order to try and get a cat who wins prizes. That practice has caused dreadful health problems in dogs and cats, yet many breeders are still more concerned with winning a prize (which was not won by them, but by their pet anyway) than with the suffering that can be caused by trying to please show judges.

I am particularly interested in working on problems that vets sometimes only consider can be managed with e.g. steroids or long-term antibiotics. Many problems can be countered with the right diet. I write up as much as possible of what I discover here and on Wikipedia.