I am sorry, but all of the kittens on this page have now been promised to homes when they are ready to go, and i have a long backup list of people waiting for them in case anyone drops out.

Tango's 6 kittens were born on Weds 23 October, and she kindly produced them in the middle of the day rather than the middle of the night. Pictures were taken with the phone and without flash, so may be a bit blurry. I'm sure you will appreciate that taking pictures and uploading them here is a lower priority than looking after the cats and socialising the babies, so please don't get impatient if I don't upload pictures very often. Peach, bless her little stripy socks, produced her own kittens two weeks later, and they are all extremely happy together. Although I have to be careful not to let the larger kittens steal Peach's milk, they are all being very good and feeding from the right mother, and they are also now weaning onto solids. Everyone is gaining weight as if they're on steroids, so I'm happy if the girls are happy. Tango is the dark tabby, Peach is the very pale tabby, and the brown cat is Marmite, mother of Tango and grandmother of Peach.