These kittens have now all gone to their new homes. Please see 'Currently available' for kittens available NOW.

Baby R had her four kittens about 9 days before Marmite was due. Because she is chocolate and mated with a lilac there are only chocolates and lilacs in the litter, and they were all born quite white, except for one who was slightly paler brown. As the two girls adore each other I planned for them to kitten together, and Marmite never left Baby R. When her own kittens were born Baby R was right there to help clean up. Both girls benefited from having the other adult cat there to wash them: usually the mother only has the time and energy to clean her babies, so she can end up a bit messy and uncomfortable. Marmite kept Baby R beautifully clean, and Baby R did the same for Marmite, and the whole experience was much nicer for both of them because of that. Cats are naturally very clean, and you can imagine how nasty it must be to be covered in amniotic fluid and blood, but be too tired to clean it off yourself! When the second litter arrived they all seemed to know which mother to suckle from, and I didn’t have to keep the older kittens away from Marmite. They shared mummies later on.They have now grown and matured really well; they are darlings, and have some of the loveliest temperaments I have had.