This page shows my litter of Tonkinese kittens from 2009. These are all sold but I have another litter from the same mating now. To see videos of this litter, please click on the page Videos 2009 or go to YouTube where you can see all my clips here. This litter's clips are all entitled 'Marmite's Kittens'. I welcome enquiries from genuine prospective owners, for this litter or for a future litter. If you are interested in the breed but do not wish to buy a kitten yet (or you are just checking out breeders generally) I am always happy to have people visit to be introduced to the breed and talk about owning a kitten and how to find the right one for you.

There are two adult cats in these pictures: Marmite is the dark brown one. With her is her chocolate tabby friend, Baby Reckless (Whyoo Reckless): they are devoted to each other, and Baby R is the most wonderful nanny for the babies.

KiTTENS: there are 5 boys: three brown tabby (mink and solid patterns) and two blue tabby (also mink and solid patterns). There is one little girl, a pointed blue. These kittens were ready to go around 3 October 2009.

The kittens will come with their usual goody bag, but a slightly larger one than usual this time, thanks to the kindness of Holly at Pinky Pawz online pet goodies shop. Many thanks Holly!