Boogie, from my first
Burmese litter, and
mother to many
beautiful Tonkinese.

Although I haven't bred Burmese for some years now, my first queen was a little brown burmese whom I loved with all my heart. She gave me my first Tonkinese and set me on the path I'm on now. I still miss her, many years after she died, and I think a part of my heart will always be with the Burmese breed, even though I grew up with Siamese. I keep this page because one day I may go back to breeding Burmese, but also because a knowledge of the parent breeds of the Tonkinese, and the bloodlines we use is really important in breeding Tonkinese. My lines come from Burmese and Siamese that I bred for several generations, so that I knew about the health and genes of these lines before they ever entered the Tonkinese gene pool.

Burmese have been bred in Great Britain since the 1950s, from cats imported from the United States. The breed standard defined at that time has not changed since then, although it has been changed in the USA to conform to the more modern type of look seen in some contemporary Burmese. British Burmese breeders are consciously avoiding the so-called 'contemporary' look because of birth defects that can be associated with some of the more extreme types although in recent years the type has begun to show more extremity. Rameses cats have been described as having an old-fashioned look, a desirable trait since the more extreme types tend to have more difficulties in birth and seem to be more likely to carry congenital defects such as kinked tails and flat chests. Rameses lines are clear of known congenital defects, and careful outcrosses in breeding ensure that kittens remain 'clean'.

Champion Rameses Delight

Despite breeding for health and strength rather than show type, several Rameses cats have been successful on the show bench: Rameses Delight was the first Rameses Champion (getting her CCs in consecutive shows) out of our Brown queen, Kastanje Yasumi (Toffee).

Nowadays, with comprehensive breeding charts for all the colours (including torties and tortie-tabbies) easily available from the Burmese Cat Club, breeders are able to predict not only precisely what colours, and what proportion of those colours any cross will produce, but also what colours those cats will carry. Rameses specialises in the 'classic' colours of Brown, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac.

Boogie's sister, Minnikin, was sold to Carla Pilkington, who used her as a foundation for her own line of Burmese under the prefix 'Gares'. Carla has gone on to become a highly respected breeder, involved with the Somerset Cat Club, and always treating health and temperament as her first priority. When I had to end my own breeding line Carla bred the most beautiful baby for me. Born only two days after the death of my beloved Teddy, Gares Rameses Rebel is one of the most beautiful Burmese I have seen, with stunning yellow eyes, beautiful moderate type, and the most adoring and confident temperament. I could not have asked for a more lovely kitten, such a credit to Carla's rearing. Best of all, Rebel brought my hopes for a 'new' Teddy to fruition in Spring 2005.