One of the most exciting things about breeding is building new bloodlines to keep our gene pool wide and avoid any inbreeding. Ramintha (a.k.a. Minnie) has been the most exciting addition to the UK Tonkinese ‘family’ for a very long time! Minnie was imported from Thailand — a true native Tonkinese. Thanks to modern DNA testing we can prove that he is a Tonkinese (CsCb) and we were able to include native Thai Tonkinese in our breeding policy. His kittens are eligible to be shown, and his brand new genes will enhance our gene pool for many generations to come.

Minnie has now retired and is looking for a pet home, somewhere with an outdoor catio or run where he can go outside safely until he knows his new owners and has settled in his new home. Please do contact you if you would be interested in giving this lovely boy a home.
Type: Ramintha is a Brown Tonkinese Coat Restriction, a good deep brown. He is heavily built and very solid in body with good legs and tail. His head is slightly more on the Burmese than Siamese side of the scale; excellent ear set and eye shape; good dip in profile; straight nose without bump or roll-off. He has pale aqua eyes. He is very affectionate but, like most studs, likes to get his own way!