I am in the process of building up a very small specialist cattery to care for cats with special needs such as:
  • complex medications
  • elderly or disabled cats needing ramps etc.
  • nervous cats
  • difficult or aggressive cats
There are all sorts of reasons why a cat will not get on at a 'normal' cattery, and I am able to deal with pretty much anything, having worked in the past with anything from feral cats who had to be socialised over a long period, to a cat who was in the last stages of kidney failure (needing sub-cutaneous fluids three times a day) and a cat who was partially paralysed (so the runs had ramps and steps everywhere so that she never had to jump and could not get stuck anywhere). One cat came to me because she had been referred to the Oxford Cat Clinic but the daily journey to and fro was too much for her owner, who lived an hour away and was also trying to manage a young family. I'm only 10 mins away from the Cat Clinic (with good traffic), so the cat stayed with me while she had to make daily visits, and I took her back and forth to the Clinic until she was able to go back home.

I have only two units, which means I can spend time with your cat (if he/she wants that). I decided to try and set up a cattery as it was clear that the owners of the cats mentioned above could never go away or live a normal life unless they could leave their cat with someone they trusted and who could spend real time with them. In a way what I was offering was not so much a cattery as respite care.

My house is just 5 mins away from the nearest vet: Iffley vets is an excellent private-run practice (i.e. not corporate-owned) with a very good reputation, running their own out-of-hours service (and this where I take my own cats).

The accommodation is provided by large (6' x 4' and 7' x 8' full height) insulated heated summerhouses (plus heat pads) and have large runs with things to climb on and some vegetation so that it feels like a natural environment. In order to keep cats safe from infection I have a 2-week quarantine period between visitors as I can't steam-clean the grass!

As I work with Rescue sometimes these catteries are not available for outside visitors.

Because the cattery is still under development I am not yet licensed with Oxford City Council, and I am limited to cats on a rescue basis, or who were bred by me. It is taking a while to build things as I would like, and I make adjustments in response to feedback from visitors. At the moment therefore I can only take cats in exceptional or emergency circumstances. I am listed on google maps as a cattery, but that was because I wanted to drop a pin on myself to list as a cat breeder, but that wasn't offered in the list of options, so 'Cattery' was the closest I could get.

Looking at what other catteries do, the fact that I have only two units (and they are usually unoccupied) means that I can offer a service that is more convenient for owners: pick-up and drop-off is possible at any time (within reason — I draw the line at 3am!) and any day. So if you are at work during the day it's fine to come after work hours, or if your flight gets in on Saturday evening, you don't have to wait until Monday (and pay the extra 2 nights) before you can collect your cat!

I charge by the night: so we don't have to worry about a checkout time after which you get charged for another day.

I can send you WhatsApp or text pictures/videos of your cat while you're away and keep you up to date with messages and talk to you directly if I feel your cat is unwell.

Please call or email me if you would like to know more.