Rameses Last Tango is from my stud boy Chaos's last litter (hence her name, as it was his 'last Tango'!), born in the early Summer of 2010 to Marmite. She is a beautiful solid pattern blue tabby Tonkinese - this means that she's darker in colour than the mink/intermediate pattern blue. She has her father's lankiness and her grandmother's beauty and intelligence, but also her mother's strength of character.
She is very self confident, a trait that means she accepts change easily, and that's important in a house where there are litters of kittens born once or twice a year. She was a wonderful auntie to Marmite's 2011 litter of kittens, attentive and adoring, and has proved a perfect mother in her own right.

Tango will move my foundation lines ahead: she is an F2 from lines that have not been widely used in the Tonkinese gene pool, so is effectively an independent line. This is very important to me and the group of breeders I work with to increase the strength and genetic foundation of the Tonkinese breed in the UK.
You can see her below with her first litter of (six) kittens in 2012, fairly swamped by them, and very grateful for Marmite's help looking after them. One of these is Peach, who is my second breeding queen.

Tango was spayed in 2016 and is now very happily retired with us.