Moriarty is Louis's son, and therefore a 2nd generation Tonkinese (Louis is an F1 tonkinese and has now retired, so doesn’t have a page any more). His kittens may be shown. He is a brown TCR and carries the Classic tabby pattern. He is available at limited stud to FeLV/FIV/PCR tested queens, stud fee £250. Please call or email me if you would like more information about his pedigree or would like to bring your queen to visit him. I have had little or no interest in using Moriarty from other breeders, so may neuter him early in the 2018 if that situation persists. As most of my own cats are now related to him through his father I will not be using him mysellf. Type: Moriarty is a large and long cat with good type. He is paler brown than some browns, and the colour is a little patchy, a legacy of his underlying classic tabby pattern. He has excellent ear set, eye shape and eye colour. His nose is a little too straight, but his kittens have good noses with no roll-off. He has one PC at show, but has only been shown once as an adult